We are a real
estate investor
with our feet
on the ground.

We are a real estate investor with our feet on the ground.

Clifton Blake is a boutique, active asset management firm whose sole philosophical values centre around delivery and execution. Capital preservation and long-term sustainable growth are absolutes for us in everything we do. At Clifton Blake we do not waiver from these values for the sake of short-term, unsustainable returns or flavour-of-the- day investment strategies.

As a result, over the last decade we have built lasting, long-term relationships with our partners, investors and ultimately our friends and their families with assets under management of $400 million which will continue to grow well into the future in a controlled manner.

Hard work with an unwavering focus on execution and delivery are our sole key success factors.


Welcome to Clifton Blake, where
we always begin with the end in
mind. We formulate a sound exit
strategy as the basis for every
investment decision.


Our commitment to execution is
unwavering. Together with select
investors, we’ve built our track
record through maintaining precision
focus on the task at hand.

Whether you are an existing client, or are interested in our innovative real estate investment opportunities and services, we invite you to get in touch.



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